Zenergy makes solar simple

We help companies reduce their energy bills for years to come through turnkey installation of solar PV.

Solar is now UK's cheapest form of energy

Paybacks about 4 years, lifetime benefit 10X of it's cost

Need to meet liability of MEES / EPC requirements


System Cost £280K

Lifetime return £1.3m

Generate your own energy

Why opt for an energy supplier who earns profits and buys from a generator that earns profits, when you can produce your own renewable and inexpensive energy for many years? Alternatively, you could choose our zero-cost solar option, where you generally purchase energy for 30% less than what you currently pay.

We only use best in class tier one bankable solar panels.

We use brands like JA solar, with a 25-30 lifetime performance warranty, these panels are guaranteed to still generate at 85% even after 25 years.

Dont forget they dont suddenly stop at 25 years, they continue to generate for many years to come.


'Energy prices to remain significantly above average up to 2030 and beyond'Cornwall Energy - Insights Industry Consultants 'Landlords should be conscious of the requirement of obtaining a minimum rating of EPC B by 2030 and also think about the newly proposed interim milestone of a minimum rating of EPC C by 2027. MEES imposes fines for non-compliance to meet the minimum energy efficiency standards required' MEES regulations


Our core services

  • Commercial solar and battery storage
  • Vertical Solar walls
  • Solar Carports
  • EV charging
  • Drone survey
  • Video of completion on each installation

Operation, Maintenance & Monitoring

Zenergy Solar is dedicated to providing high-quality aftercare services to all customers, ensuring that your solar panel system operates safely and at optimal performance levels. With our commitment to aftercare, you can have peace of mind knowing that your valuable investment is protected for years to come.


Payment Options



Investing in CAPEX can generate strong returns on investment, increase operating profits, and offer tax relief. By choosing this option, you can reap significant surplus returns rather than giving them away.



PPA option involves a 20-40-year lease, providing a long-term commitment. Under this arrangement, you can purchase renewable electricity at a discounted rate compared to the market rate (typically 30%) while the investor takes responsibility for upfront installation costs and investment returns.



This option is a 7-10-year loan with a medium-term commitment. Its design ensures annual cash positivity, with most of the savings in the loan period allocated towards repaying both capital and interest.

Zero down, solar pays for itself and cash positive from day one.

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